MediaSeattle was started back in 2003 to help people get their small business online. But the reality for most small business owners is that they don't have the time to dedicate to project such as launcing a new website.

MediaSeattle wants to make the process very simple for you to give you more time back in your schedule. We help you determine your domain name and instruct you how to purchase your own domain and get it registered. We will also help you determine which hosting plan would work best for your business. Then we take it from there by getting a basic site up and running, register the site with search engines like Google and even coach your business on using Google AdWords to advertiser your business. We can even help you set up your email marketing and social media marketing campaigns as well.

MediaSeattle will create any project to fit your budget. So no matter how little money you might have set aside don't think you can't have your own website name, dedicated email address and presence on Google! Just email us today to get started!